Traditional mixed green filling pies is a very important piece of Cretan culture.

With thin and crispy or thicker and more satisfying pastry, they perfectly accompany your meal.
It’ s very entertaining for us in «Erofili» to make those pies! It’s a very creative procedure which we really enjoy!
But above all, hand-made «kaltsounia», as we call them, is one of the most representative ways that we have chosen to bring you closer to the traditional gastronomy of our place.

Except for the pastry, the filling is also an interesting part of this recipe. At first, the most familiar taste you recognize is spinach, which is a very well-known ingredient. But you are definitely going to be amazed by the taste and smell of the various other wild greens in the filling!


Traditional feta, which you find in kaltsounia most of the times, is a very important ingredient as well!